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Steve Koch

Steve is a missionary pilot and chairman of the board at Agape Flights based in Venice, Florida. Agape makes weekly flights from Florida to various locations in Haiti and the Dominican Republic delivering supplies to 370 missionary families. Steve has spent 13,000 hours flying many types of general aviation aircraft and large turboprops. He has been actively flying in the Louisville area since 1970.

C.J. Koch

For C.J. the love of flying is generational. Since he is Steve’s son he has literally been flying all of his life. He holds type ratings in several different jet types and is a pilot for a major airline. C.J. looks forward to stepping out of the jets and flying “real” airplanes, like the big red Waco and taking you on a Barnstorming adventure over the beautiful city of Louisville.

Billy Ladd, Maintenance Director

Billy, a licensed aircraft and power plant mechanic with Inspection Authority (IA), has spent a full career in aircraft maintenance. He is an authority on radial engines, having worked on many different models of the multi-row radials in the military. He spent 35 years in mechanic work for commercial airlines including Delta, Air Transport International, and Fed Ex. Don’t be surprised if you see Billy walking around the plane wiping little spots of dirt and oil off as you’re boarding.


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