Discover Louisville from the air while reliving the Golden Era of Aviation in an open cockpit biplane!

Call to schedule a flight: (502)836-5252

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What to Expect


We will provide you with headphones with a voice activated microphone that allows you to talk to both your pilot and your fellow rider. You will also be able to hear communications with the air traffic controllers.

You should dress as if you were riding in a convertible. It is quite comfortable with the temperature as low as 50 degrees. It is not very windy in the cockpit as long as you're behind the windshield, but if you stick your head or arm overboard, you will be introduced to a 110 MPH blast of air, so keep those cameras behind the windshield.

For the time shown in each of the tours, you should plan to add an additional 30 minutes for preflight preparations, taxi time, photo opportunities, and just peering over the plane. The time spent on the ground before and after the flight is part of the whole experience, and we allow time in your schedule for that.

After your flight you will receive an official certificate designating you as a qualified Barnstormer, so display it proudly.

T-shirts ($15) and in-flight DVD ($45) are also available for purchase.


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